Market Your Product Successfully With Direct Mail Campaign

There are some important aspects of direct mail campaign. The first important aspect is the mail. It has to be attractive and unique. When you are developing the mail, the most important elements to look out for are size, layout, dimension, color. While you are preparing a mail for Direct mail marketing, the following things are important to consider-

  • Personalize the message.
  • In the first paragraph, an irresistible offer must be made and promoted.
  • The benefits of your services must be disclosed, and why your offerings are unique compared to your competitors must be mentioned in clear terms.
  • For at least 3 times, repeat the benefits and offers in your mail that you are willing to provide.
  • Involve the readers and ask them to send something back to you like answering some questions, using stickers, circling words, filling the blanks and so on.


The next important aspect is the targeted list of people in direct mail campaigns. In any type of mailing, there are databases of residential and business names and addresses. Choosing the right names for your marketing is a very important thing. There are two types of list – consumer lists and business listings.

  • For a consumer list, things that need to be considered are – income of the household, gender, name, profession, credit issues, hobbies, buying patterns, and interest.
  • For a business list, things that need to be considered are – industry, geography, SIC code, size of the company, revenue, yearly sales, and number of employees.

If the best prospects are targeted valuing all these attributes, better result can be observed. Targeting the best possible customers cuts the unnecessary costs associated with direct mailing. In fact, It is the most modern marketing approach, which can save time and money of a company, if properly utilized.


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